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Music Studio and
Live Performance Setup

J D Emmanuel Time Traveler Music

Live Performance Currently, I am not doing any shows.
    When I did live shows, I used a combination of any of the following gear:
    • 3 - Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver Keyboards
    • Yamaha SK-20 Synthesizer, optional for local performances only
    • T.C. Electronics ND1 Nova Delay Pedal
    • SanDisk Sansa MP3 Player for playing environmental sounds and synthesizer loops
    • Zoom H2 Portable Digital Recorder for live recording
    • Kawai MX-8R Mixer
    • Zoom R16 16-track digital recorder
My Studio Gear
    Synthesizer Keyboards
    • Yamaha SK-20 Synthesizer, circa 1982, analog synth/organ/strings - a gift from my wife, Cindy in 1982 - Sweet!
    • 3 - Mono Evolver Keyboards, Dave Smith Instruments, as close as I could get to a Sequential Circuits Pro-One keyboard which was also designed by Dave Smith. Very cool mix of analog and digital sound technology with a sequencer and the best arpeggiator I have ever used.
    • 1998 Martin DBXR - I got this one in a pawn shop for $300. I could not figure out why it was so cheap and sounded almost as good as my D-35! When I researched it out, I discovered that it was a laminated guitar with wood bracing. This is a wonderful axe that sounds great and plays easy!!
    Studio Hardware
    • Zoom R16 16-track digital recorder
    • Zoom H2 digital recorder
    • Tascam 302mkII, dual well, 3-head cassette deck
    • Midiman USB Midiport
    • Behringer Denoiser
    • Yamaha RX-595 Natural Sound Receiver
    • 2 - JBL 4311B Studio Monitors, modified
    • 2 - JBL 4311 Studio Monitors
    • Sony MDS-JB930 MiniDisk deck for basic mixdowns and the source for tape dubbing
    • 4 Dual Recording Cassettes Decks for Dubbing Tapes for Resale
      • Tascam 302 mkII, also used as mastering cassette deck
      • 2 x Denon DN-770R
      • Onkyo TA-RW505
    Studio Software
    • Sony Acid Pro 7
    • Sony Soundforge 11
    • Sony CD Architech 5.2
    • Vegas Pro 12 Video Editor with DVD Architech Pro 6
    • MixPad from NCH Software for Mullti-track Digital Mixing
    Past Instruments and Equipment
    • Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08, 2010-13, awesome synthesizer. Started using the 3 Mono Evolver Keyboards for everything, studio and live, so I sold it in April, 2013, hoping it would get some good use.
    • 3 - Sequential Circuits Pro-One's, 1981-91, I did some of my most creative work with these synthesizers. I would like to own a Pro-One again, but the prices are just too high.
    • Crumar Traveler T1-C Organ, my first keyboard, 1979-85.
    • Casio CZ Series synthesizers including CZ-101, CZ-5000 and CZ-1, 1985-1992, started using these when I got into MIDI. Some of the most awesome sounds ever, wonderful synths.
    • 2 - Ensoniq ESQ-M, 1986-2002, I did my 2nd most creative work with these synthesizers.
    • Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, 2004-07, the first analog MIDI synth to hit the market in 1982. This was restored by Wine Country Productions, a group of ex-SC techs. Never really used it for music work.
    • 1982 Martin D-35, sweet! 1991-2012. the sound was just starting to mature, now it is beautiful with a balanced bass and treble, my all time favorite guitar.
    • 1974 Martin D-28-12, best 12-string guitar I have ever had the privilege of owning, 1992-2006.
    • Casio MG-510 Electric/Midi guitar, one of the best tracking MIDI guitars ever plus a great blues/jazz sound, 1986-2008.
    • Octave Cat Synthesizer, 1980-81
    • Yamaha CS-15 Synthesizer, 1981-82.
    • Roland Juno-D Limited Edition, 2005-09, awesome range of sounds and functions, a step above a regular Juno-D with some extra features and sounds.
    • Delta-Lab DL-4, used for the echo track on Wizards and many other compositions from 1982-88. An early, high quality audio, studio digital delay.
    • Alesis SR-16 Drum Machine, used on Trance-Formations II: Into Separate Realities and other work from 1988-2001.
    • Korg X5DR Synthesizer Module, used on Trance-Formations II: Into Separate Realities
    • Teac A-3440 4-Track Reel-to-Reel, my favorite 4-track I have ever owned. I would compare it to any other 4-track by any other company in quality and sound. Used it from 1982-1986, then had another one from, 2007-09
    • Teac A7300, an excellent Direct-Drive 2-Track, with Pitch Control, that I used from 1981-1984, then again from 2008-2010. Many times I would use it for creating the echo delays when mastering tracks.
    • Tascam 40-4, used in the Fall of 1979 to start my studio recording work, it was on loan from Bill Alrich.
    • Teac A-3340, used from 1980-82.
    • Otari MX5050B2 2-track Rec/PB, 4-track PB, used it for the remastering of the Wizards reissue LP published by Important Records. Used it from 2009-12.
    • Echoplex EP-4, used from 1979-1981.
    • Ross Phaser Pedal, used from 1979-1984.
    • DOD Compressor/Limiter pedal, used from 1979-1981.
    • Fender Stereo Pack Guitar Processor which includes chorus, overdrive, distortion and speaker simulation. Got it back in 1992 while traveling in the San Francisco area.
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